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Editorial (Theatre & Graphic patrimony)

This book is part of a multi-faceted project commemorating one hundred and forty years of the Teatro Aveirense (Aveiro Municipal Theatre). The other parts of the project are an exhibition, and a new graphic identity.

This 492 page book – over one year in the making – documents and commemorates the one hundred and forty years of the Teatro Aveirense (Aveiro Theatre). The book has a significant focus on the graphic patrimony contained in the archive of the theatre, in the form of its printed programmes and posters. An illustrated timeline was created, beginning in 1881, charting the theatre's 140 years, followed by chapters on the general history of the theatre, on local theatrical groups, on the role of cinema in the theatre, and about the architecture of the building.

The book comes in a choice of four different coloured endpieces, and the graphic shapes on the cover – metalic foil embossed onto linen – are taken from decorative type elements (borders) taken from the many playbills in the archive.

Credits – Editor: Andrew Howard. Design team: Andrew Howard, Miguel Howard, Daniel Lopes. Photography: Paulo Carvalho. Texts by: Judite Lopes, Andrew Howard, Luis Tavares Pereira, António Costa Valente.

Date January 2022
Client Câmara Municipal de Aveiro
Format 18,5cm x 28,5cm
Pages 492

Book photos by Paulo Carvalho –