Studio Andrew Howard

Mãos 33

Editorial (Journal)

Continuing the approach of allowing the content to suggest the design concept, in this issue dedicated to people and their locations, we decided to use cartography as a visual (and cultural) source of graphic references. The issue documents a number of the significant contributions that have been made to national craft skills and practice in different geographic locations of the country. We realised that the visual iconography of maps – their structure and their graphic language – could provide a basis not simply for the page grid but for all the graphic elements that lead to the publications unique aesthetic.

Because maps usually come to us in a folded form, we transferred this characteristic to the cover, allowing it to wrap around magazine. All the original place names were removed and substituted for the information that is relevant to the publication – the title, price, publisher, and contributors. Thus the cover becomes a 'map' of the technical information. 

Date 2009
Client CRAT (Regional Centre for Traditional Crafts)
Format 21cm x 28cm
Pages 56

Spreads photos by Nuno Moreira –