Studio Andrew Howard

Visão 'Ler Faz Bem' series

Editorial (Cover Design)

At the end of 2016 I was invited by Cardume Editores to design a pocket-book cover series for the national magazine Visão. The series consisted of classic novels translated into Portuguese, with one book released every month, free with the magazine. Although twelve books were originally planned, ultimately, only eleven were produced.

The aim was to create a visual system and style of representation that could work for all the titles in a simple way, and was flexible enough to convey a particular perception for each work. The illustrations were compositions created using two or more separate illustrations researched and bought from varying sources – the exception to this is number five (The Great Gatsby) which I drew from scratch. All the cover designs use strong colour combinations printed in special colours.  

Date January / November 2017
Client Revista Visão
Format 12cm x 16,6cm

Book photos by Nuno Moreira –