Miners Strike and Community Posters

A rave from the past. These posters were designed and hand screenprinted during the 1980's when I was a member of the Islington Bus Company, not actually a bus company but a social action collective in London. I was a member of the collective between 1980–1987 and during that time was responsible for the print workshop. The collective worked with many community groups on many campaigns over the years, training people to use equipment we had at the centre, helping them organise and raise funds, helping to produce publicity materials and running training workshops in a variety of practical and organisational areas. One of our main resources was a converted double decker London bus equipped to take workshops around London and beyond – hence the name 'Islington Bus Company'.

During the great miners strike of 1984 under the Thatcher government the collective was involved in numerous initiatives in collaboration with the National Union of Miners (NUM) and allied support groups. I designed these posters as part of those initiatives. The other posters were produced in aid of other campaigns and community initiatives.

All of the posters were produced before the advent of the Macintosh computer using hand-assembled artwork working to real size. Although the production methods we had at our disposal were relatively crude by todays standards, the posters were able to convey a particular vibrancy and power.


Screenprinted posters, 1982–86