Finov 09

Finov is the name of the Sonae Innovation Awards, an event held annually whose aim is to promote and reward creativity and innovation within the Sonae industrial group. In July of 2009 the studio was asked to conceptualise the event (due to take place the following November), a project that included the design of the venue, the website, the conference animations, the award, and all the relevant promotional materials.

The 2 long typographic strips shown at the beginning of the image scroll above were used to make 2 films that were in constant motion across the screen during the event. The second of these (in a different colour scheme) was also used as the basis for the website design which can be seen here. Apart from the first film strip, all the type-based graphics for the event were made using specially made 3 dimensional lettering which was then photographed. We shot hundreds of such photos that were then used in a variety of graphic materials.

The awards (end of scroll) were also typographic in design, using cut and polished acrylic mounted on a wood base, and illuminated with LED's in the base.





Date 2009
Client Sonae