Centro Português de Fotografia

The starting point for the design of the logo was the near certainty that the institution would be referred to in speech in abbreviated form as the 'CPF' rather than the Centro Português de Fotografia. Consequently, from the beginning the idea was to use these 3 letters as the basis from which to create the identity.

A reference to photography needed to be incorporated and the idea of lens aperture, the f-stop – because of the manner in which it is often represented by a letter 'f' in italic script-like form, and it's familiarity as a photographic term – lent itself to ideally to the concept. The dot or stop needed to be retained in order to establish the reference and as a visual counterpoint.

Over the years the studio produced scores of leaflets, posters and many books. A small selection of leaflets are shown above and a couple of posters in the Poster section of the portfolio. Books produced for the CPF can be found in the Book section, and the journal of the centre can be seen in the Magazine section.


Date 1997
Client Centro Português de Fotografia