Ahab Edições

Captain Ahab is the famous (infamous) character from Herman Melville's 1851 novel Moby-Dick. He is a character whose tenacity and determination borders the excesses of obsession. Often described as a tyrannical figure, it is instead his tenacity that appeals to Tiago Szabo and Joana Pinto Coelho, the 2 founders and owners of this small independent publishing company based in Porto.

In addition to the design of the books and their covers, we were also asked to design a graphic identity. Initial ideas centered around the object of Ahab's obsession – the whale. Although these original ideas appealed to Tiago and Joana, I felt they were too cartoon-like and also ran the risk of becoming unrecognizable at small sizes.  

We decided then to turn our attention to the character of Captain Ahab himself. There are no images of Ahab in Melville's book of course, only descriptions. Instead there is the unmistakable figure of Ahab as played by Gregory Peck in John Huston's 1956 film of the same title – once seen not easily forgotten. In the studio Pedro (Pina) developed the drawings for the figure and the result is far more interesting than the whale could have been.


Date 2009
Client AHAB Edições