Toll Free

Featured in Fully Booked 
(Gestalten, Berlin, 2008) 

These books with their deliberately bright cover designs were produced for 2 specially organised summer exhibitions for the Serralves Foundation about architecture and art respectively that took place in the holiday region of the Algarve. The first book was designed in collaboration with R2 – who conceived the idea for the 36 coloured bars on the first book cover representing the 36 architectural studios featured inside. Splitting the work, R2 designed the picture section whilst I handled the text and illustration pages. One of the biggest design tasks was to persuade the museum to accept text-free covers, as I wanted to move the titles and other information to the back thus leaving the fronts clear for pure graphic animation. Following the logic of the first book I created 68 coloured squares on the second book cover represent the 68 artists featured inside. 


Date 2007
Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art 
Format 19cm x 25.5cm