A Memória das Lágrimas e O Olhar dos Cegos

Designed to accompany the dual exhibitions 'A Memória das Lágrimas' (the memory of tears) and 'O Olhar dos Cegos' (the gaze of the blind), this book reproduces the images of the photographer Georges Pacheco. Pacheco's work deals with self/auto portraiture in which his role as photographer is to set the conditions for this to take place, removing himself from the actual act of pressing the trigger as well as removing any superfluous background or scenario. The subjects in both exhibitions were left alone to choose the moment of their photograph – the first group in the act of crying. Each image is accompanied by a small text written by the sitter. Dark colours were used throughout the book with the text printed in metallic silver.

Date 2007
Client Centro Português de Fotografia / Fundação Belmiro de Azevedo
Format 16cm x 21cm
Pages 102